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Leader Speech


Honorable customers, partners and friends:

After nearly a decade of development and efforts, Xishan Zhongke has become the only large laboratory animal supply and service base in East China. The company's overall competitiveness has been constantly improved. Here, on behalf of Xishan Zhongke, I would like to thank you for your consistent support for us in the past.

We are committed to building the company into an important service platform for life science research and an excellent supporting platform for development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. The company's services cover the supply of laboratory animals, animal experiment services and new drug safety evaluation and research.

The company's size expanded rapidly in just a few years. To meet customers’ different needs, we’ve been continuously improving existing monkey farm facilities and equipment, expanding existing facilities, strengthening management and improving and guaranteeing the quality of animals. In addition, Xishan Zhongke has been continuously expanding the scope of its services and improving its service capacity and skills. The new safety evaluation center located in Suzhou Wuzhong Economic Development Zone is being steadily built and will soon be put into use, by then we will be better equipped to provide better services for customers

Xishan Zhongke will continue to strengthen partnership with our customers as always, and help customers fulfill established goals better and faster to contribute its own strength to the development of life sciences and biomedicine.

We sincerely thank each and every friend who cares about us!

Our salute and best wishes to you!


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